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Memphis head coach says Dallas is a top three team in Western Conference

Dave Joerger had very complimentary things to say about the Grizzlies' division rival.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis coach Dave Joerger had high praise for division rival Dallas after the Mavericks beat his team 108-103 in preseason.

The full quote, per the Mavs PR: "I thought [the Mavs] came out and jumped on us early, and that's been their M.O. for us. They are a top three team in the West, that's the facts. They have more talent, they are hard as heck to guard, they have multiple combinations of players that can really score the basket at any time. They stretch you out all over the floor, and the team is one of the best teams in the West."

In particular, the Maverick starting five played excellent basketball when on the court, with all five finishing in double figures. Dallas shot 50 percent in the first half and led by 13 headed into the third quarter.

In the game recap, Tjarks talks about how deadly the starting offense was when on the floor together.

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