Monta Ellis: "I'm a Dallas Maverick for the next TWO years"


On the Ben and Skin show today, Monta Ellis said the line in the title. Skin suggests he might not opt out... which would be INCREDIBLE. What are your though? Did anyone listen to the interview today?

UPDATE: Our own Bailey Rogers heard the interview. He had the following to say: "But Monta essentially said that he loves Dallas and his wife and kids love Dallas (he mentioned his wife was looking to go back to law school in the area). Skin said that everyone hopes he will opt in next year and that he’ll be a Mav for the foreseeable future. Monta then waffled a bit, saying it was business but that he would consider everything, including his family, but that he was a Dallas Maverick for the next two years and we’ll see what happens after that. THEN he said he would love to retire here.

The two years thing could easily have been a simple brain fart, or maybe he leaves details like that up to his agent in terms of keeping track of years and options and whatnot… but it definitely sounded like Monta would prefer to finish his career in Dallas if possible."