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Jae Crowder goes 'Kobe' in Dallas Mavericks loss to Pelicans that didn't exist

Thursday night's Maverick game wasn't televised, so we turn to tweets and the box score to recap this one.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Mavericks lost to the Pelicans 88-85 in a game that wasn't televised, and thus, didn't exist.

... except that it did exist, sadly. Jae Crowder was the team's number one scoring option, going a Kobe-esque 6-of-15 from the field for 14 points. Gal Mekel played a fantastic 42 minutes, scoring 17 points on 13 shots, dishing eight assists and making some big plays down the stretch as the Mavericks improbably tried to make a comeback against the Pelicans fourth string.

Unfortunately, Ricky Ledo wasn't great despite playing 33 minutes, second most on the team. He had just nine points on 4-of-15 quick-trigger shooting. A couple games into the preseason, it seemed pretty clear Charlie Villanueva would make the team over Mekel, but that decision is getting increasingly hard to make -- especially with Felton's injury.

Again, like I said, the game wasn't televised. I loosely followed a radio stream, but it's a Thursday night in the preseason. Sorry if it didn't have my full attention.

What I can offer you is a rough timeline of tweets of people who actually were at the game, and yes, please pour a drink for these fine fellows who had to suffer through that monstrosity.

Tomorrow is the FINAL preseason game against the Magic in Orlando and is supposed to be the dress rehearsal. The regular season is almost here, and I'm so happy.