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The Aftermath of Mavericks 120, Jazz 102: This offense is RED HOT FIRE

Aftermath's back and GIF-ier than ever.

The aftermath

  • Eight straight makes to open the game, 55 percent shooting for the game, approximately half a billion alley oop dunks. While we should acknowledge that Utah doesn't have a fearsome defense, the Mavericks simply looked dominant from the first second of the game. This offense is straight fire.
  • Dirk Nowitzki looks fantastic early on. Sure, he's started the 16-of-24 from the field, but even more impressive to me is his cross court passing. Constantly the focal point of opposing defenses, Nowitzki is seeing the floor so well and, without hesitation, is throwing a two-handed lazer beams from the wing to the weak-side corner. He won't pile up a whole lot of assists this way (three this season) because those passes take too long to develop and a defender can usually close out, but his hockey assist opportunities will be through the roof. A good example of this comes from San Antonio, where he could have had one if Parsons' final shot goes in.
  • The reason there's so many players open on the weak side? "You have to pick your poison with us," says Chandler Parsons. Read the rest of what Parsons and the Mavs said after the game.
  • I've been too low on Al-Farouq Aminu. He's not a good shooter and he probably won't ever be, but man, that dude is just too good at every other part of his game to not play. He has a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds, something I expect we'll see several more times before we even hit Christmas.

Socially acceptable

If you like .gif

Just playing 'catch'


Jay jay's back, y'all


This pump fake is gorgeous.


... and then he did it again. GOT 'EM, COACH.


Pump faking is contagious.


Some light reading

Haiku and goodbye

LeBron James came home?

JJ Barea did too.

And he won his game.

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