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Mavericks and Rockets engage in hilarious Twitter battle; everyone wins.

Both teams' social media staff were really on their game last night. Warning: GIFs abound.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

While you were busy watching the Dallas Mavericks pre-season opener tonight, you may have missed the off-court throw down between the Mavs and the Rockets on Twitter. And by "throw down,"  I mean they tweeted GIFs at each other in a super passive-aggressive way. Let's get a quick play-by-play and then decide who won:

The Rockets had the upper-hand by instigating the whole GIF-off, but when they came out with "nodding bearded outdoor guy" the Mavs social media team had a chance to shut them down with "girl smirking." The Mavericks may not have won the actual basketball game, but at least we won Twitter tonight.