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Quoteboard: Fouls disrupt rhythm, Mavericks lose opening preseason game to Houston

Today's quoteboard in a narrative form.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In the first preseason game, when the game has dragged past three hours thanks to 81 fouls, things don't work quite like the regular season. You don't cheer when Gal Mekel ties the game with a 3-pointer in the closing minute. You pump your fist when Jae Crowder fouls a Rockets 3-point shooter on a call that you'd otherwise be complaining about for days to come. You breathe a sigh of relief when the game mercifully ends.

Carlisle: "Whether or not that was the correct call, the accurate call, that was the right call at the end because it spared everyone five more minutes of basketball agony."

Carlisle: "It's a rookie official, Don Hudson. I'm impressed with him. I was more impressed after the last call."

Carlisle: "I don't think anyone played great." "You could never watch a basketball game before and come in here and know that that's a fact."

Monta Ellis: "We had our ups and downs, but everything I took away from it was positive."

Carlisle: "We've got to play without fouling. They had a lot of fouls too but we had too many. We've got to keep some of these guys, like Tyson, and Monta had a bunch of fouls, we've got to keep our best players on the floor, we've got to work to protect them. Our whole team has to do a better job playing with their feet and their body because that's how you avoid fouling."

Devin Harris: "We're working our way back into game shape -- players and officials."

Monta: "Sometimes it go like that. The whistle be blowing."

Monta playfully accused us, the media, of trying to get him in trouble, but fortunately no one on the Mavericks said anything critical of the referees after tonight's game.

Tyson Chandler, on taking stuff away from a game this choppy and whistle prone: "It makes it difficult because you don't get a true rhythm, but there's some things we can take from it and there's some areas we can clearly build on."

Parsons: "It's crazy the first time I play with my new team is against my old team, but it was fun, it was fun to get out there and play against someone else other than ourselves."

Carlisle on Villanueva: "Well, he can put the ball in the basket, we know that. As a situation guy, he's valuable, because he can come in and get hot very quickly. We're one game into this and we'll see where it goes as far as the roster and all that stuff."

Harris, on attacking in transition: "We can pass it ahead and attack with Parsons on the break. Guys like Chandler and Monta are going to be able to get to the free throw line and finish, and I think it'll be a good weapon for us." "Chandler [is aggressive], and he draws fouls well, gets to the rim and is able to finish with either hand. We've got to use that to our advantage."