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The things we do in the name of Mavericks fandom haunt us forever

We've all done embarrassing things in the name of fandom, and the Mavs Moneyball staff is no different. Here are some of the things we've done in the name of being a Mavericks fan.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We've all done not-so-great things as fans. Embarrassing things. Humiliating things. Things not unlike spending over $600 after the Mavericks won their championship in 2011, on a purchase that includes TWO license plate borders.

Unfortunately for us, the Mavs Moneyball staff is not excluded from the list of people who have done dumb things in the name of fandom. Here are a few quick hits each of us has confessed to, in this episode of #TRUECONFESSIONS. What did we learn? Pray for Kirk Henderson.

Tell us about the crazy things you've done out of fandom in the comments!

Jamie Plunkett

I jumped in the pool with all my clothes on after the Mavs won the 'ship in 2011.

Tim Cato

I broke a TV remote by throwing it at the wall when Antoine Wright messed up his intentional foul in that Denver playoff series.

Kirk Henderson

My wife bought me a Jae Crowder shirsey because she knows how angry he makes me.

My parents own this Dirk doll that dances if you press a button. They say it's their call to happy hour.
I wore the same unwashed Dirk jersey for the entire 2011 playoff run
I own this weird nike shirt that says "Dirk Never Stops"
Josh Bowe

I moved back from Mexico (McAllen) right before Game 3 of Mavs/Spurs. Needless to say, I was excited to be around friends and not be working a job that made me miss every Mavs game.

So for Game 6 I went to a bar with a close friend and proceeded to get insanely hammered. So much so that I became friends with a nearby pole. I hugged and loved that poll all night like a long-lost lover.

Also during a tense moment in the fourth quarter, I may or may not have stood up in the bar and yelled to everyone there "I WILL MURDER EVERYONE IN THIS BAR IF THE MAVS LOSE."

(I definitely did this)

Bailey Rogers

So I bought a home Jason Kidd jersey in 2011. It was like an XL or an XXL, but I bought it because it was on sale and I figured it would be fun to have when he goes in the hall of fame. I'm a smallish guy, so I definitely wasn't buying it to wear. And yet... I ended up wearing it for game 5 of the Portland series, which then turned into me wearing it (and looking completely stupid) for the remainder of the championship run.

Fortunately, it was my first year of law school and I had moved halfway across the country, so I was mostly watching alone in my apartment anyway.

Kelly Ketchersid

A friend made me a "She loves the D...irk." shirt for my birthday and I WORE IT.

Doyle Rader

I watched the Mavs in the 90s.

I laid in the street after the 07 loss to Golden State.

Hal Brown

After the finals run I bought a JJ Barea Shirsey because I had hated him all year and he "proved me wrong." I still wear it even though I know Barea is not a good pro player.

Jonathan Tjarks

I work on this site.

Danny Webster

During the '06 run, I wore an unwashed Diddy-made Dirk jersey for the entire run. By the San Antonio series, the girl that liked me at the time wanted nothing to do with me until I at least washed it.