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Quoteboard for Mavericks 123, Sixers 70: "Always good to get one of these"

The Mavericks embarrass a Sixers team that itself is an embarrassment.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There was only one storyline tonight --

Mavericks set a franchise-record with a 53-point margin of victory

Rick Carlisle: "Well, you want to get out of it healthy, and you want to get a win, and so, look, the sum total of the whole thing was: our guys played hard, they didn't have any slippage tonight and we got the job done. The score's very lopsided but you got to get the win. This is an important homestand; we blew the first game, we got lucky in the second one. We played a team tonight that was depleted and we got to work on finishing it off on Saturday against Minnesota."

Chandler Parsons: "We wanted to play hard and we knew they were going to come in here and compete. They weren't just going to lay down."

Brandan Wright: "We knew we had a big lead. It's easy to let up in those situations."

Dirk Nowitzki: "We were actually a little worried at halftime. We were on a roll against Boston, almost up over thirty, and we had to grind it out, so we actually mentioned at halftime that we wanted to keep the defensive pressure up."

J.J. Barea: "I was telling Tyson, it's always good to get one of these. We get more together as a team and we talk a little bit more."

Parsons: "We let teams like Boston get back in the game. We didn't want to have that  happen. We wanted to pretty much be done by the fourth quarter and we were able to do so."

Barea, on being on the 2010 team which set the previous record of 50 points: "It's always good, any time you do something like that. We did it in New York and it was a good one, and tonight, it was a good one."

Parsons, on the record-setting margin: "At the end of the day it's just a win for us. It's cool to be a part of that but at the end of the day it's just a win for us."

Dirk is good, eh?

Carlisle: "The personnel around Dirk is really the right personnel. Mark and Donnie have done a good job getting movement guys, playmakers and athletes around him. Tyson was always a good fit with him, Ellis is a great player with Dirk, Parsons fits this situation and in the starting group, Nelson is a good player for us as a starter, he fits with that group. We've had a little time to play together and we have a long way to go. This is a favorable part of our schedule and we've got to take advantage of it. Games are going to get harder and harder, and we know that."

Dirk: "I've had some good looks, I have a good rhythm right now shooting wise. There might be weeks were things might be going so well and you feel like you have to put in extra work, and there are weeks were things seem to flow pretty good and you just try to be efficient out there. I don't feel like I need to take any bad shots if guys stay on me or under me, I don't have to shoot it. I can move it, run out and set a pick and roll, let Tyson set a pick and roll. We're tough to guard when he's running out there screening the guard."

Dirk: "[The offense] is still pretty explosive. ... I think it starts with the defensive end. When our offense is struggling every night, it's when we take the ball out on the defensive end and have to walk it up. Playing against set defenses is not really what we prefer to do. We'd rather keep the pressure on, the pace high, keep the ball in Monta's and the little guys' hands. That's how we love to play."

(Jameer, across the locker room, corrects Dirk: "Big guys!")

Dirk: "Yeah, I missed another [free throw] today. I was actually really mad at that one today, it felt good leaving my hands. Good thing is it's early."

Dirk, having more fun as a passer: "When you can't finish at the rim anymore, have no hops, you pass the ball out. This year, I'm trying to mix in some rolls getting to the basket and when they suck in we have a lot of shooters out there, or I can drop it off to Tyson or B-Wright."

Dirk, on not being able to finish at the rim 'anymore': "I used to be sick in the paint, but ... "

Everything else

Barea, on whether he's adjusted to his role on the team: "Yeah, but I still have a way to go, to get back used to this pace."

Dirk, on losing to Minnesota three times last year: "Well, they've obviously got a completely new team now with trading K-Love. Pekovic is a big boy in there then they've got a bunch of young guys. I think Young at the four is a tough matchup for some of the guys, so I said all the time we're not good enough to coast, we got to keep up the pressure."