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Mavericks vs Wolves final score: Mavs tuck in the young Wolves

Mavs score a season high 131 points in a win against the T-Wolves.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavs closed out their 4-game homestand with a thorough drubbing of the Minnesota Timberwolves 131-117.

The Wolves came into this game without Ricky Rubio and just coming off a 48-point loss last night. The Mavs took advantage of the wounded Wolves and jumped on them from the start by taking advantage of their porous perimeter defense. In the first quarter, Jameer Nelson got into the lane, and instead hurling an insane shot at the rim, he found several open shooters.

The Mavs tied a franchise record with 76 points in the paint and a scored a season-high 131 points. It was a layup line for the Mavs stable of attacking guards. Eight Maverick players finished in double figures. This Maverick offense is a death machine for young teams who struggle with pick and roll defense.

This was the Mavs first look at number 1 pick Andrew Wiggins. He had a couple of buckets early, but then vanished for the rest of the game finishing with only four points. However certified bucket getter, Kevin Martin, lit up the Mavs for 34 points on 12-16 shooting.


Dirk moseyed along to another efficient Dirk-like night. The German finished with 15 points on 6-9 shooting while expending very little energy in only 22 minutes. Dirk is quietly putting together one of the best seasons of his career. He currently has a PER of 28 and career high percentages in field goal and three-point percentages.

The full Monta Ellis experience was in effect tonight. Monta had a season-high 30 points. His timely shotmaking in the first half that was a big factor in building the large lead. It was fun watching a good ole' fashioned shooting guard duel between Monta and Kevin Martin.

The stats won't show it, but Chandler Parsons had one of his better games as a Maverick. I've been uneasy about Parsons role in the offense thus far this season because of the lack of playmaking opportunities. However, there was a clear intent to get the ball in Parsons hands tonight. Parsons handled the ball in pick and rolls more often tonight and he did a good job of attacking and finding shooters. Carlisle even ran a couple designed sets to get Parsons a jumper. His shotmaking isn't all the way there yet, but this looked more like a 15 million dollar player tonight.

The Bench

Brandan Wright might be a robot. The springy big man scored 13 points on a perfect 6-6 shooting. It can't be emphasized enough how lucky the Mavs are to have Wright for a measly 5 million dollars. Speaking of ridiculous contracts, Al-Farouq Aminu brought incredible energy on both sides of the ball tonight. Aminu scored 10 points on heady cuts to the basket and one ferocious putback dunk. He also made two incredible blocks flying in from the weak side. It's ridiculous that the Mavs have signed him for the veteran minimum.

This win puts puts the Mavs at 7-3. Next up, the Mavs visit the Charlotte Hornets on Monday at 6pm CST.