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The Aftermath of Mavericks 105, Wizards 102: Too much Jose Juan


The aftermath

  • The Mavericks didn't play great, I don't think. They played good, in large part to an unsustainable but fantastic performance by J.J. Barea, but Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons shot 33 percent on 24 shot attempts while Jameer Nelson ... well, let me get to Jameer in a second. Point is, the Mavericks didn't play their best basketball and still notched their best win of the season. The Wizards aren't world beaters and I wouldn't place them higher than fourth-best in the Eastern Conference, but after loses to the prior three playoff teams from last year the Mavericks have faced, this was a good win to get.
  • Ok, now let's talk Nelson. Once again, he was miserable, and it hurt the Mavericks a lot more tonight because they didn't have the option to bench him early and go to Devin Harris (out with leg soreness). He's now shooting 33 percent from the field and 36 percent from behind the arc. While I admit that not having Nelson handicapped Carlisle tonight, it was strange seeing Nelson run pick and roll after pick and roll as the primary option in the third quarter. The Mavericks expect him despite the fact that he's showed he really can't through 12 games, and really should be limited to a spot up, tertiary role as a release valve when a Monta Ellis (plus anyone) pick goes awry.
  • ... just when you thought the balls on J.J. Barea couldn't grow any bigger.
  • Devin Harris, please be OK, though, seriously. And you too, Dirk.
  • Seeing 16 rebounds next to Tyson Chandler's name made me do a double take. When's the last time the Mavericks had a center who'd pile up rebounds so effortlessly (and angrily!) and end up with these huge totals on any given night. Don't answer the question, we all know when that last was.

Socially acceptable

If you like .gif

This is the most J.J. Barea that J.J. Barea has ever been.


Brandan cleans up nicely, and we ain't talking suit and tie.


RIP Kevin Seraphin.


Dirk says 'goodnight.'


The exact right amount of spin that Tyson puts on this shot is very impressive.


Haiku and goodbye

A twisted ankle

The apocalypse is near

"Just kidding, I'm back"