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The Aftermath of Mavericks 109, Knicks 102: We're thankful for Tyson and Dirk

On Thanksgiving Eve, Tyson Chandler led the Mavericks to overtime against his former team and Dirk Nowitzki shut the door.

The aftermath

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

Socially acceptable

I usually present these without comment, but seriously, the above Vine is my favorite thing this season. The still image below is just fantastic.

Good talk.

A photo posted by ChandlerParsons (@chandlerparsons) on

If you like .gif


Effective, but we're still gonna let Romo start at QB today.


Chandler Parsons made his one assist count


Too damn good.


Old school!

Haiku and goodbye

Turkey, stuffing, gravy

But mashed and sweet potatoes, man

You da real MVP