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Even Devin Harris' older brother doesn't like his 2-for-1 pull-up three pointers

Harris constantly shoots 2-for-1 3-pointers at the end of quarters, and they almost never go in. We are puzzled by this strategy.

It's an established fact that getting a 2-for-1 in basketball is a good thing, because #math. The chances of you scoring more points than your opponent at the end of the quarter if you take two shots and they only take one are very good.

But starting last year, Devin Harris has taken it upon himself to take off-the-dribble 3-pointers every time the Mavericks have a chance for a 2-for-1. They usually end poorly. Tonight, after a pull-up 3-pointer that was airballed left of the rim with about 33 seconds remaining, even Devin Harris' older brother had enough of it.

Harris obviously has Carlisle's approval when he does this. We aren't saying he should stop, but maybe, just maybe, he could mix it up with a pick-and-roll every once in a while?