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Gal Mekel signs with the Indiana Pacers after Mavericks cut

After being cut by the Mavericks, Mekel finds NBA work once again.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Gal Mekel's unemployment was swift, as it was reported today that he will be signing with the Indiana Pacers.

From the moment he got cut, the speculation seemed to favor where he would end up rather than if. Although there was talk he might join the injury-ravaged Thunder, Mekel opted for the Pacers, who are missing three guards due to injuries at the moment -- Rodney Stuckey, George Hill and C.J. Watson (plus Paul George's season-ending leg injury, of course).

In the preseason, Mekel scored 19 points against the Pacers in a 43 minute outing where he went 7-of-14 shooting and had nine assists.

The Mavericks cut Mekel to free up a spot for J.J. Barea, who has played 46 minutes in three games since joining the team. He's shooting 9-of-17 early in the season and has done a solid job orchestrating offense for Dallas in Raymond Felton's absence, dishing three assists in all three games.

Mekel joined Dallas in the summer of 2013 on a three-year deal for the minimum.