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The Mavericks Must Follow-List for 2014-2015

Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram. Start with this Mavericks must-follow list.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Every now and again, we Moneyball staffers are privy to numbers which illuminate just how massive the Maverick audience is. It's enormous and these reminders are excellent for those of us who spend entirely too much time on twitter in our own little basketball universe.

But here's the thing, that basketball Twitterverse is amazing. It's quite literally the biggest sports bar on the planet. And we want more people to show up to that sports bar. On any given day during the basketball season, you can log on to Twitter and see people talking hoops. We want you to consider joining us.

With that in mind, we've prepared a handy guide to get you started!

Mav-Centric Twitter

Mavs Moneyball

It's us! We tweet stories, live tweet during games, and are a hub for our writers.

Follow the staff too: @tim_cato, @beccaaftersix, @Boweman55, @HalBrownNBA and @SmitheeMMB. There's also @TheKobeBeef, @DannyWebster21@Kreighbaum and @CrawfordKate. But wait, there's more: @Garooya, @TheDSportsRant, @BRogers789, and @JonathanTjarks. There's even @KellyKTweets and me, @KirkSeriousFace.

Goodness, there are a lot of us.

The Rest of the Mavs Blogosphere

There are also a ton of other great Mavericks sites and writers out there. There's @BallinWithBryan of MavsOutsider (here's the whole staff list... you MUST follow @BobbyKaralla or @Jga41agher). Then there's @FishSports, leader of He has a massive staff, including cap expert @Lord_DBdotcom and injury info guru @RotowireATC.

There are also the hardworking folks at @TheMavsFanatic, @TheSmokingCuban, @MavsFansForLife,  and @DallasMavsForum each great websites with a number of different writers.

The Traditional Media Folks

There's also the traditional media guys, each of whom is pretty fantastic: @MFollowill and @SkinWade, as well as @ESPN_MacMahon, @ESPNSteinLine, @JTT_ESPNDallas, and @DwainPrice. There's the voice of the Mavs @CoopMavs and @ESefko too

The Hardcore Fans

Lastly there are a number of great fans. You are probably familiar with former Moneyballer and soon-to-be doctor @AndyTobo. There's @CaitlinInTexas, @J85Royals, and @BeevoMav. We try to get these guys to write now and then, but they're pretty busy tweeting and being awesome. You should also follow our former boss, LJRotter. She held the fort here at Mavs Moneyball for YEARS and this site wouldn't be here without her.

I probably forgot some Mavericks people, so let me know in the comments OR just join Twitter and yell at us like everyone else does.

Mavericks Players on Twitter/Instagram/Etc.

Here you go, in one handy dandy place. Some players are more active than others. Dirk is great on Twitter, Chandler Parsons you may have heard does well with Instagram, as does Tyson Chandler. Jae Crowder tweets in all-caps, which I still don't quite get, but it's fun. And if you haven't perused Charlie Villanueva's blog, it's worth a peek.

Browse and follow away!

Anything we missed? Shout it out in the comments! Happy social-ing!