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GAME THREAD: Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

The Mavs return for a homestand that kicks off with their once bitter rivals.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

WHO: Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

WHAT: Hey, where's LeBron?

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas

WHEN: 6:30 p.m. CT


THE STORY: Mavericks-Heat used to be must-see TV, but with LeBron James back in Cleveland and the new-look Heat battling a few injuries already, it doesn't really seem that way anymore. But, Miami still has a few guys who can play, and they're going to present a slightly more difficult challenge than the Jazz did, so hopefully the Mavs will play some, ANY, defense and try not to let that third quarter bug get to them too badly.

Once again, I won't be watching -- still on vacation in sunny California -- so maybe that will be good luck? Let's go Mavs.