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Talking Knicks with Posting and Toasting

Seth Rosenthal of Posting and Toasting was kind enough to again answer some questions about the Knicks before the Mavericks' sole visit to the Garden.

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Things seem to be unravelling quick in New York but before we touch on the off the court issues, Iman Shumpert dislocated his shoulder against Boston on Friday. How will his injury impact the Knicks, who already have several players sidelined?

J.R. Smith's day-to-day with a messed-up foot, too, so you'll be seeing a lot of Tim Hardaway Jr., and probably heavy use of two-point-guard lineups. Maybe some Travis Wear, too.

With Tim Hardaway Jr. slated to get more minutes with Shumpert out, how is his relationship with Carmelo Anthony? The two reportedly almost came to blows recently.

They definitely didn't almost come to blows. It was just a little on-court blow-up that everybody saw and Chris Broussard's source happened to catch wind of. Hardway snapped at Melo over something, Melo told him to shut up or he'd beat his ass, and as far as I know, that was the end of it. Normal heat-of-the-moment stuff. I don't think the locker room is a happy place -- losing sucks-- but nothing out of the ordinary for a bad, rebuilding team. So far.

There have been rumors that Melo is considering waiving his no-trade clause. What's the story behind this and is there any reason to think that the Knicks could or would trade him?

Melo and his agent forcefully shot that stuff down, and if you go read the actual story, there's not much of a rumor there. It's pretty much "Melo has a no-trade clause, but he could waive it, and he knows that's an option."

Is all the turmoil surrounding the Knicks just a result of all the losses the team has racked up or is there something more going on?

I don't even think there's much turmoil. And yeah, I think they're just losing-- and doing so while implementing a system most of the players won't be around to run a year from now.

I recently watched When the Garden was Eden. It was really good. Is the culture of those championship Knicks teams the carrot at the end of the stick that keeps Knicks fans coming back and so passionate?

A lot of them, yeah. And for some, it's the defense-oriented, bruising style of the '90s Knicks that fell short.

What has been the most enjoyable moment of the season so far for you?

Beating the Cavs in Cleveland on LeBron's first night back was pretty hilarious.

Thanks for the rumor control, Seth. Be sure to follow Seth on Twitter and head over to Posting and Toasting for more on the New York Knicks.