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Mavericks are a "serious suitor" for Rajon Rondo, per report

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The Rockets are also interested in the Boston point guard, per Yahoo.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Of course the next war waged between the Mavericks and the Houston Rockets will be for Boston's Rajon Rondo. Both teams have discussed trading for the star point guard, according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski.

This isn't a real surprise -- Boston and Rondo have each expressed commitment to each other at various points of this ear, but the Celtics are a rebuilding team with a point guard of the future in place in Marcus Smart.

Rondo's not having a great season by his standards, averaging eight points and 31.8 minutes per game, the lowest since his second year in the NBA. He's shooting 40 percent from the field, 24 percent on 3-pointers and a miserable 42.8 percent from the line. But he still plays defense and passes the rock, averaging 10.6 assists and grabbing 7.5 rebounds a game.

The Mavericks' biggest struggles have been at point guard, where Jameer Nelson has failed to impress as the team's starter. With Monta Ellis locked in as the team's second guard, Dallas desperately needs a defensive-minded guard to put next to him.

Offensively, Rondo's a trickier fit in the Mavericks' flow offense, but if Dallas is interested in trading for him clearly Carlisle believes he can make him fit.

Rondo's making $12 million this season, so the Mavericks would have to get creative with any trade package looking to acquire the eight-year vet. It would likely include Brandan Wright and a first round pick.

Right now, as far as we know, the Mavericks and Celtics are just talking. Dallas would be foolish not to at least discuss it with Boston. We'll keep you guys updated as we know more.