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The Rajon Rondo roundup: perspectives from around the web

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The trade for Rajon Rondo produced some great reads from around the internet. Here are a few.

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The trade of a player like Rajon Rondo was bound to produce tons of thoughts and writing. He's been on the trade block for what feels like years and this time of the season is not usually one for blockbuster trades. We here at Mavs Moneyball have a great deal to say on the subject, but we also wanted to share some of the great work we saw this week from our peers:

  • Our friends over at CelticsBlog say good bye to the last member of their famed Big Four.
  • The great Paul Flannery up at the SB Nation mothership says it was time for both the Celtics and Rajon Rondo to move on.
  • ESPN's Tim MacMahon talks about the need for Rondo to adapt if he's to thrive in Dallas.
  • This Sports Illustrated read from friend of the site Rob Mahoney is all about Tyson Chandler, but in the wake of the Rondo trade, it makes his comments on defense and the team really interesting.
  • Grantland's Zach Lowe is a slight skeptic of the Rondo trade. He explains why here.
  • Bryan Gutierrez of Mavericks Outsider Report looks at all the angles before concluding the process of getting Rondo up to speed in Dallas will be must-watch basketball.
  • Mike Fisher and David Lord break down the short and long term implications of the trade deal on the Mavericks current and future salary cap. Really helpful information for anyone worried about what the  future might hold for Dallas, salary-wise.
  • Forbes magazine calls the trade a slam dunk and says this trade is exactly why Dirk Nowitzk took a pay cut.
  • Ken Berger of CBS Sports calls the trade a blockbuster. Dallas owner Mark Cuban sums up why the West stays better than East with his quote in the second paragraph.
  • The staff of Grantland gives their instant reactions to the trade. This is a lot of fun.
  • Tom Ziller of the SB Nation mothership says the Rondo trade completes the Mavericks amazing post-championship rebuild.
  • Over at GQ Bethlehem Shoals, he of Free Darko fame, says the trade just makes sense for Dallas.
  • Our own Jonathan Tjarks has seven takeaways from the trade over at Real GM.
  • Seth Partnow of Nylon Calculus looks into Rajon Rondo's assist usage and what that might mean in Dallas.
  • Kevin Zimmerman of SB Nation thinks the Mavericks may really miss Brandan Wright.
  • Charlie Villanueva has his own thoughts on the Rondo trade.

We're living in a post-Rondo trade world. I, for one, am still processing the move. If you see any other links or want to add to this post, leave a note in the comments! Have a great Sunday.