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We got presents for all the Mavericks this Christmas

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Those millionaires just don't have enough gifts!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

My family has always opened our presents on Christmas Eve. I'm not sure why; "it's the way we've always done it," I can hear someone telling me if I were to ask now.

We get presents for those we care about, and so we didn't want to leave the Mavericks without:

Dirk Nowitzki

Unlimited Holger sessions, to begin immediately - Bailey

The light-up jacket David Hasselhoff wore at the fall of the Berlin Wall. - Doyle

Lighter shoes for higher jumping. - Jamie

Only being guarded by Jason Smith the rest of the season. - Tim

Rajon Rondo

A tricked out new headband with a Connect 4-based pattern. - Bailey

Mario Chalmers' soul. - Doyle

"Learning to Shoot: If I Can, you Can," written by Jason Kidd. - Jamie

A glow in the dark Connect-4 set. - Austin

A chemistry set. - Tim

Chandler Parsons

A real live flamingo. - Bailey

A penguin. - Doyle

Consistency. - Jamie

Monta Ellis

A new rod & reel. - Bailey

A chemistry set. - Tim

Tyson Chandler

A backup. - Doyle

One coupon for unlimited fouls, good for any Western Conference game. - Jamie

Devin Harris

Coupon book full of 2-for-1 deals. - Doyle

Doyle stole my present. - Tim

Al-Farouq Aminu

Unlimited Holger sessions, to begin immediately. - Bailey

Better Shooting with J.J. Redick DVD. - Doyle

Richard Jefferson

Tattoo removal sessions. - Doyle

J.J. Barea

Moon boots

Shorts that fit - Jamie

Charlie Villanueva

Coal. - Doyle

A leather bound journal. - Austin

Ricky Ledo

"Investing for Dummies" (dude is in the D-League and drives a CLS). - Doyle

Dwight Powell

Playing time. - Doyle

Rick Carlisle

A shooter and a non-Josh-Smith back up PF/C. - Bailey

Jason Kidd circa 2011. - Tim

Raymond Felton

Gift card to Pecan Lodge. - Doyle

Brandan Wright

A winter coat. It's cold in Boston. - Tim

Jae Crowder

Disney's Beauty and the Beast DVD. - Doyle

Jameer Nelson

Partially used Dave and Busters Power Card - Jamie

*     *     *

What are YOU getting the Mavericks for Christmas? Tell us in the comments!