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Power rankings: Mavericks remain steady as Rondo continues to find his role

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The bench has stepped up, but have the rankers noticed?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Rondo trade is moving past the initial shock stage and into a place where we can start making some early judgments. Early returns, in fact, look just fine, with most power rankings keeping the Mavericks steady after they bumped up last week after the trade.

We all know the very early adjustment after a couple games seemed rough, but obviously the past 2 games against OKC and the Wizards have been encouraging as the bench finds its new role with new players, and as Rondo gets more comfortable running the show. These rankings don't take into account last night's win, but if things continue to go the Mavs' way, it looks like there may not be quite as much of a dropoff as we had all initially feared.

What say you, Moneyballers? Let's hear it in the comments!

SB Nation

This Week: 5 Last Week: 5

What they said:

The Mavericks split their week with two losses and two wins, but this team is still undergoing a big shift with Rajon Rondo on board. Until things smooth out over the next few weeks, the Mavericks will continue bouncing around wins and losses. But Rondo's pretty good about reminding folks why he's so valuable still...On the other hand, Dallas no longer holds the top offensive rating in the NBA, as it now trails the Toronto Raptors by 0.2 points per 100 possessions. Their offensive efficiency has dropped in each game since Rondo's arrival...

SB Nation had a great chart illustrating some of their comments with regards to the Mavs' offensive efficiency.

Yahoo! Sports

This Week: 6 Last Week: 6

What they said:

The Mavericks could sign free-agent big man Jermaine O'Neal, but a source told Yahoo Sports he still needs a few weeks to get in shape.

CBS Sports

This Week: 10  Last Week: 9

What they said:

They've won their last five out of seven, with the losses coming against red-hot Atlanta and Phoenix. The Rajon Rondo trade is still something they're figuring out, but with a tiny sample of five games, they're 30 points better per 100 possessions with Rondo on the floor vs. when he's off the floor. Their top seven are legitimately scary together.


This Week: 8 Last Week: 9

What they said:

Dropping to No. 2 in offensive efficiency doesn't bother Dallas at all. Not after Sunday night's home win over Oklahoma City in which Rajon Rondo spearheaded a team scheme, without the injured Tyson Chandler, that helped hound Russell Westbrook into a 6-for-23 evening from the floor.

Sports Illustrated

This Week: 8 Last Week: 5

What they said:

The downside of the Rajon Rondo trade? The likes of Charlie Villanueva, Greg Smith and Richard Jefferson playing critical roles - and often big minutes - off the bench. Rick Carlisle has done an expert job of monitoring Dirk Nowitzki's playing time this season, but that was done so with the luxury of Brandan Wright.