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What to expect from our New Orleans coverage

The number of Maverick bloggers in New Orleans outnumbers the number of Maverick players.

Ronald Martinez

I'm writing this from press row of the Smoothie King Center. Yes, I plan out writing out the full name as many times as possible this weekend.

There's Dirk media availability tomorrow morning, so watch for that. The D-League All-Star Game, Slam Dunk and Three Point Competition all occur tomorrow afternoon. You know what Saturday night is for -- introducing the new dunk contest format and other fun stuff.

We'll have our photos going up throughout the weekend. We'll probably have to send some food and drink updates...because, you know.

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One other thing -- I've seen several compliments about the site that I didn't get a chance to respond to, so here's a "thanks" and a note that we really enjoy doing this (getting to go to NOLA notwithstanding). We'll be back with our "serious" Mavs coverage on Tuesday in time for the Heat game.