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IMPORTANT ASW UPDATE: The Mavericks are all vacationing together. Maybe. We think.

While the big guy's away, the rest of the Mavs are all on beach vacations. TOGETHER. We THINK we have the evidence to prove it.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It all started innocently enough: Mavs' center Bernard James updated the Twitterverse on his plans to spend All-Star Weekend in Cabo San Lucas:

Well that's nice! After all, it HAS been a hard-fought first half of the season for our Mavs. Sarge deserves some beach time. I have never been to Cabo but I hear it is lovely. You know, I wonder what the rest of the Mavs are doin......


Gal Mekel is ALSO in Cabo? IS GAL MEKEL VACATIONING WITH BERNARD JAMES BECAUSE AWESOME. (Also, you're welcome for this picture, ladies.)

Well okay. I wonder what the rest of the Mavs are doing on vacation then. Are they ALL in Cabo? Let's check in on Jae Crowder:

Hey Jae Crowder OMG HE IS WITH DEJUAN BLAIRON A BOAT. Also, more water shots. These guys really enjoy that.

And last but ohhhhhh certainly not least, Shane Larkin is apparently ALSO on a boat. Here is the audio/visual evidence (you'll want to listen in):

I don't think this is the same boat as Jae Crowder and DeJuan Blair, but let's pretend it was, because half of the Mavs partying on a boat while the odd couple of Gal Mekel and Bernard James vacation in Cabo just makes this Mavericks team even more weird/awesome/lovable than they already were, if that is even possible.

The 64,000 question though: I wonder what Monta Ellis is up to? I will update you if I find out!

UPDATE: Shawn Marion just revealed via Twitter/Instagram that he is also on a boat somewhere, because of course.