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Dirk Nowitzki talks about his 12th NBA All-Star Game

Despite being the oldest guy there and only playing eight minutes, Dirk said he enjoyed being back at All-Star Weekend.

(I made a rookie mistake and somehow forgot to hold my phone horizontally. Sorry about that.)

On being back as a part of the All-Star game

It was great. The boys put on an incredible show. We're disappointed, a little bit. We let the East come back. I think we had a solid lead most of the game. But it was fun to be out here, I had fun this weekend. New Orleans was a great host, just like six years ago. Now we go home, focus on the second half of the season and hopefully make a playoff push.

On being the oldest guy playing this weekend

Yeah, it felt weird being the oldest now. I was one of the youngest when I first started, so it's a little sad. But I'm glad Kobe came out, he's the same age as me so that was good to see. But yeah, the league is in great hands with a bunch of great, young stars. Kyrie just won the MVP, he put on an incredible show. He's a great player.

On whether the sleeves were weird

Yeah, it was. I like it without the sleeves but it's whatever. I missed my two shots so I'd like to blame it on the sleeves. *smiles* I don't think I'm going to do that. It's okay, I don't really like the look of it, but it's a lot better than I thought.

On getting right back to practice tomorrow

No, I tried to mix in some rest. Obviously I didn't play the whole second half today, so I didn't play that much. We've got practice tomorrow, then we've got a big game. We've got the Heat coming in on Tuesday. They're playing really well, obviously they're the defending champs. We've got to have a good practice tomorrow, good focus. Hopefully everybody on the team got some good rest, and hopefully have a good outing Tuesday.

On what his favorite part of NOLA was

The food. The people. I always have a great time here, we come two times a year here. Always have some great food, great restaurants, the fans are great.

The rest is in the video.