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MMB Roundtable: Dallas and the trade deadline

Some of the MMB staff talks trades and the league ahead of tomorrow's deadline.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

What is the biggest position of need for Dallas right now?

Doyle (@TheKobeBeef): I'm not sure there is any one position that the Mavericks should focus on. They are decent to good across the board, though there are certainly concerns. What I think Dallas needs to look at is younger players. The Mavs' roster is old and that doesn't bode well long term. It would also behoove the front office to seek out defenders. Dallas' defensive struggles are oft noted so bringing in a rim protector or a "3-and-D" wing would be nice.

Kirk (@KirkSeriousFace): If I had to pick, it would be the center position. Dallas is certainly more than the sum of it's parts right now, but center is always a concern. Some nights the three headed monster of Wright, Blair and Sammy-D play great, other nights it's pretty concerning watching them struggle.

Andrew (@andytobo): Centerrrrr. Is this team so much worse than the title team? Really? J-Kidd, just moments before his death? Jason Terry a season before fading completely into oblivion? Better three-point shooting, sure. More cohesive, and a slightly stronger bench. But so much better? No. It was Tyson Chandler. The zone defense needs a stopper, the Mavs need more boards. Etc.

What player would you be most interested in that seems to actually be available?

Doyle: I know that Luol Deng's name has been floated around. Obviously, he provides a solid, all around game. However, what would the Mavs have to send to Cleveland? Marion? Wright? Larkin? Who knows? Deng is a good player but he isn't getting any younger and the amount of minutes he played with the Bulls is a concern. Not only that but would Dallas essentially be renting him for the remainder of the season? Deng is an unrestricted free agent this summer. That is an undesirable situation. It's too bad that the Mavs really don't have any juicy draft picks because it would be interesting to see what they could poach from one of the Eastern teams that are in a tailspin.

Andrew: Someone mentioned Andy Varejao early this week and that seems like the best possibility. Who knows what Cleveland will do, but they can't use him, he'd solve a lot of Mavs problems, and he's unlikely to be too expensive. That being said he hasn't actually played all that much and it may be a bad risk if it compromises the Mavs' future.

What trade do you see happening that isn't Maverick related? Does it hurt the Maverick's chance of making the playoffs?

Doyle: I don't have a crystal ball but it wouldn't surprise me if Phoenix made a move. They have been dropping games more regularly since losing Eric Bledsoe to injury. He is rehabbing and hopes to return this season but it may be too late. Miles "Plum Dawg" Plumlee has garnered interest so he may be moved. Also, Markieff Morris could be another possible trade chip for them. Who really wants to break up the twins, though?

Andrew: I don't really see anything happening. Now that teams aren't interested in expirings very much there's only draft picks. But the Mavs are now one of the only teams both looking to win now and willing to trade draft picks to do so, they just don't have any draft picks. If the Spurs or Heat had something they wanted that they could get, maybe. But who else is willing to make a trade and not get a draft pick, right now?