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Trade Round-Up: One Trade and a Bunch of Rumors

A look at what's going on in the trade world!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Can you feel the excitement? I love trade deadline day. As a high schooler and well into college I loved gossip. Stupid, I know but that's me. The NBA trade deadline is rumor and gossip and action and hope and anger all balled into a twitter feed that pops off like it's the Finals. It's a riot. I'll keep you updated all day as best I can, though here's where we are right now.

Up first: Spencer Hawes is now a Cavalier

The Cavs are making a playoff push. A competent big man like Hawes might help get them to the 6-7-8 seed.

Second we have this gem:

The Pelicans need to stop. Winning right now doesn't help them. They aren't making the playoffs. Any movement of assets for a guy like Hill doesn't make sense. Brooklyn actually makes a ton of sense, as despite having a infinty pay roll, they still need help due to injuries. They also have an injury exception from the league front office with all the problems they've had in that front

Keeping on the Hill front, Woj says the following:

So with the Nets and Suns in the mix for Hill, he's probably going to get moved. Very interesting.

Woj also had this to say:

Jimmer is such a puzzle. Maybe he just needs to be on a much better team. His scoring talent should translate.

This is where we are for now. One trade, and a bunch of rumors. More to come as the day whirls along.


I forgot some things happened last night, too! The Kings and Nets have swapped Jason Terry for Marcus Thorton. Jason Terry is a KING. I don't know how to process that. Steve Blake is also a Warrior now too.