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Miller to the Wizards, Neal to the Bobcats, More Rumors

It's an active day, but no big names have moved yet. They probably won't.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

These things seem to happen in waves. I've seem rumblings all morning, but now we have some commits from reliable people.

Up first, Andre Miller is now a Washington Wizard:

Spears has also added that's now two second rounders to Philly. Very interesting. Guard depth, particularly for a team like Washington that has two excellent younger guards in Beal and Wall, is very important. Miller gives them a smart, solid player.

The Sixers now have NINE second round picks this year. The Sixers are Legion.

Up next: Gary Neal to the Bobcats

This trade doesn't make any sense to me. A bad team and a meh team are trading players which don't move the needle. Maybe it's a salary thing. Or maybe this is why both these teams are perpetually bad.

Then we have Jordan Hamilton to the Knicks:

These things are all sequential. One thing happens, then another. It's why last year was annoying because nothing happened early. Hardcore fans will remember Hamilton was drafted by Dallas late, then sent to the Nuggets for that awesome player, Cap Space.

Roger Mason also went to the Kings for... nothing?

On the rumors front, nothing is happening with Jordan Hill yet. But it's still possible.

After aquiring Hawes, the Cavs are in talks to move Tyler Zeller:

Kind of a strange rumor. I don't see why the Cavs would want to give up a former first rounder for Bullock when they had the opportunity to draft Bullock this year. But, hey, Cavs!

There's nothing out there for Danny Granger:

Not really surprising as he hasn't looked great.

This is where we are, with 2 hours left until the trade deadline. It's not looking likely we'll see any moves that impact the playoffs. Who knows, though, as the NBA is a weird place.

Update! Seems Hamilton is actually heading to Houston. Another shooter for the Rockets.