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Talking Sixers and trade deadline insanity with Liberty Ballers

Brandon Lee Gowton from Liberty Ballers was kind enough to answer a few questions about the Philadelphia 76ers and their trade deadline moves before they host the Dallas Mavericks tonight.

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Michael Carter-Williams has probably put together enough of a resume to win Rookie of the Year. He has suffered through injuries this season, though, only appearing in 43 games. If the end goal for Philly is to position themselves for a better draft pick, why don't they sit MCW or play him sparingly for the rest of the season?

The problem with sitting MCW is that it would be wasting a great opportunity for him to get key minutes and grow as a player. For as much as the unstated goal of this Sixers' season is about "tanking", there's also a big focus on player development. This is why the Sixers targeted so many coaches with a player development background when they were looking for a new head coach. Another thing worth mentioning is that MCW has seemed to hit a rookie wall recently and really isn't that good enough to lead the team to wins by himself.

Since the Sixers are gunning for a high lotto pick, what position does the team need to draft most? Or is the mindset of the team simply that of drafting the best available player?

The Sixers are so devoid of talent that they really need everything. Best player available is definitely the way to go, and it's really the way I think Sixers GM Sam Hinkie operates. I don't see having MCW and Nerlens Noel preventing the Sixers from taking a player at their position if Hinkie feels that's the best player available. They can always figure out the fit later or make a trade. Ideally, I think this draft class would be a great opportunity to add one of the better wing players available (Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker), but I'm sticking to the BPA mantra.

Brett Brown was dealt a tough hand this season. Losses aside, how has he handled the team in his first head coaching stint?

My hat really goes off to Brett Brown. He came into this situation fully aware of how bad it would be and I think that has helped him cope with the struggles. As far as handling the team goes, I would say he's done a good job considering the far from ideal circumstances. I mentioned earlier how player development is really a key part of this season. Brown's done a good job of pushing these players to play hard and give it their best. At the same time, he seems to have a healthy relationship with his players. I can't complain about the job Brown's done.

The Woj Bombs seemed to have stopped dropping for the time being. I think this tweet from your site sums up the day for the Sixers. Five new players are on the roster including Henry Sims (who?), Earl Clark, Eric Maynor, Byron Mullens, and Danny Granger. What do you think of the moves Philly made and how many second round picks do they still have?

Holy crap what a trade deadline! First, I love the moves the Sixers made. It was time for Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes to go. They weren't part of the future in Philadelphia and they were going to be free agents this summer if not traded. So why not get some second round picks for them? As far as getting players back, most of them are expiring deals. The Sixers were way under the cap *floor* prior to these moves, so they had all the money in the world to spare. I imagine Granger will be bought out, and maybe some others too.

Here's a full review of what the Sixers gave up and received in return. The Sixers gained a total of six (6!) second round picks. Two of those are in the 2014 draft, which now means the Sixers will have five second round picks this year, along with their two first round picks. Assets, baby. Sam Hinkie continues to show he's committed to re-building the Sixers slowly but surely.

Will you be pouring some malt liquor on the curb for the loss of Evan Turner?

Hahahahahahahahaahahaahahahahhhhahahahahahaahahaha no.

Many thanks, Brandon. This was easily the most hectic Q&A with the trade deadline happening yesterday. Thanks for you patience especially. For more on the Sixers and all of their deadline deals, head over to Liberty Ballers. Trust me, click the link.