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DeJuan Blair is a rapper? Here's the evidence

DeJuan Blair is many things: a man, a basketball player, and apparently an amateur rapper. Yep.

We recently stumbled across this music video for DeJuan Blair's song "Special" (h/t Bobby Karalla) and what a special discovery it is. Who knew that Blair was an aspiring musician? Not us. Of course, what NBA player isn't trying to be a rapper these days? Probably only Mike Dunleavy and Nate Wolters.

*checks Internet for Nate Wolters rap mixtape*

Anyway, back to Blair. In the video we find him in various locations. He's on some steps, on a couple different basketball courts, in a Chevy, and at a cookout. I'm a huge fan of cookouts and being at one with Blair would probably be awesome/really awkward.

The gist of the song is that Blair has a lot of stuff because he has a lot of money. So it's pretty standard in that regard and the chorus has enough auto-tune to make T-Pain proud. Check it out and keep an eye out for his Jordan 3s and a "Trapatio" tank top. It's a play of the popular Tapatio hot sauce for those unfamiliar with the reference.