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Poll: Which Pelicans mascot is more terrifying?

Mascots are the stuff of nightmares in New Orleans, apparently.

Chris Graythen

At this point everyone is familiar with Pierre the Pelican. He is the mascot of the New Orleans Pelicans. Recently, he underwent "facial reconstructive surgery" after sustaining a serious beak injury. Pierre came out of the surgery a new bird, literally. The crux of the re-branding of Pierre was do to the overwhelming negative feedback of the original mascot. Pierre was widely referred to as the Murder Bird for his freakish and somewhat alarming appearance. This spawned countless memes. Now, though, Pierre is a friendly looking pelican and the nightmares are over.

Or are they?

To celebrate Mardi Gras, the Pelicans unleashed a new mascot. The King Cake Baby mascot is the spitting image of the tiny plastic babies found in king cakes if those babies ARE SPAWNED IN HELL! Just look at this thing!


Seriously, who is okaying these creepy mascots? Is it a PR scheme to flood the Internet with new, horrifying memes? Whatever the reason, once seen these mascots are burned into our brains and haunt our dreams. The horror.