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Aftermath of Mavericks 103, Jazz 91: Enjoy Dirk because he's magical

A "secondary recap" of last night's 22-point win over the Jazz, featuring lots and lots of Dirk goodness.

Ronald Martinez

Some thoughts from the morning after

  • The Mavericks have won five of six, and Dirk's shot over 50% in each game -- all while averaging 28.2 points a game. The stretch he's in right now is truly, truly incredible. I don't know how much more time we'll have to enjoy it -- hopefully four or five more years -- so enjoy it while you can.
  • Is Dirk the best "roll man" in the league? As the big in a pick and roll, Dirk is shooting 53.3 percent from the field and 45.7 percent from downtown, and 1.17 points per play. FIFTY THREE AND FORTY FIVE (stats via MySynergySports).
  • Dirk's been involved in 168 pick and rolls, but his bread and butter is still in the post -- 320 times, or 33% of his offense. He's shooting 51 percent there, but is actually more efficient than his work as a roll man because he's drawing fouls 10.9 percent of the time.
  • Another fun fact, this time on defense: Dirk is only allowing 0.7 points per play defending the post, per MySynergySports. He's still a decent man defender, as he's shown throughout his career. His weakness is help defense (which doesn't really show up on MSS) and allowing spot-up shots (1.02 points per play).

If you like GIFS...

If you're going to miss a shot, make up for it seconds later. But seriously, this looks like me just goofing around at the rec center. The confidence this man has in his shot...

This gif becomes way funnier if you just watch Gordon Hayward.


I could watch this for hours.


And when you know Dirk will pull up and make it from anywhere, this happens:


Brandan Wright and Vince Carter? GOLDEN.


Some light reading:

(manager's note: Did you like reading this? Would you want to read similar articles in the future? It wouldn't be every game, but this may become a go-to feature post after big games. Give me your thoughts!)