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VIDEO QUOTEBOARD: Mavericks take a second half tumble, Bulls win 100-91

The locker room atmosphere wasn't angry or confrontational -- after all, the Mavericks did finish the month with a 9-3 record -- but the players were quiet and quick tonight. Here's what they said.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On scoring only 15 points in the fourth quarter

The Bulls did some good things defensively and in the second half, there were a lot of opportunities for good shots, and we just missed. They were a hot 3-point team coming into the game and we knew that. we turned them loose for nine 3's, and they shot 47%. We knew the rebounding was big and it was a one-rebound differential at half-time but we ended up losing by nine. The rebounding in the second half got us.

On the game in general

Some nights teams miss shots and you have to hang in with grit, guys, defense and rebounding. Weird thing about it was we were in front most of the first half and we let them climb back into it with grit, and guts and rebounding. Down the stretch, we had some good opportunities and made some mistakes, too. Second chances were costly. They had 15 second chances.

Monta Ellis

On the fourth quarter

We missed shots. They came down and made shots.

On whether the team was getting good shots

Yes, we had a lot of good looks. We missed a lot of layups. We missed a lot of shots at the free throw line. We missed a lot of wide open shots. They were just not going down for us.

On whether the Mavs started coasting after going up 15

We know they were going to continue to play. We knew they were going to continue to play hard. Like I said, we just couldn't hit shots down the stretch, and they did and came away with the win.

Shawn Marion

On the change in pace between the halves

They were able to make it more of a half-court game and got more physical. We just weren't able to hit open shots in the second half. Everything went in for us in the first half, but in the second half we started missing some shots and they started hitting some shots. They were able to get a little space and gap and came away with the W.

Dirk Nowitzki

On the Chicago defense

That's how they win. They're smart, they're long and they're in position. We weren't  particularly shooting the ball well tonight, obviously they're long in there, didn't really have a lot of stuff going to the basket. If they take some of that basket away, we need to shoot the ball well from the outside. I don't think really anybody had it going well enough from the outside for us to make a little run. It's so disappointing for us -- we go up one on Monta's layup and I just figure, we're going to find a way to win, but we didn't, got to give them credit.

On Joakim's defense

He's long, yeah. They let him get away with a lot of things. He's smart. He finds me in transition. He's a smart defender.

On leading by 16 in the first half

Yeah, first half leads mean nothing in this league. I'd rather not be up 16 in the first half to be quite honest with you. 16-point lead in the first half is a couple of stops, a couple of threes and the lead is gone. If you're up 20 on them, it doesn't matter, it can be the same way.

Vince Carter

On the chance from half to half

I think we did a good job with the physicality in the first half, but in the second half we just didn't make shots. We got open shots, but they just didn't go down.

On the center rotation

Whoever's rolling at the moment, they have to stay locked in, they have to give us something. Each guy gives us a little something different, so I'm just glad these guys are really focused and ready to go. It's a tough situation to be in, not getting the consistent minutes or get in a rhythm, but you have to give us what they give us. It's tough and I know that, but each guy knows that they're important and they play an important role in our offense and defense so they just have to stay the course and bring each other along throughout the year and the game. I know people get frustrated, but they have to stay the course.