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Four-Pointer: Previewing the Utah Jazz

The Jazz are tied for the worst record in the West but their young core is a building block for the future.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
What has Utah done lately?

The Jazz have lost six of their last seven games with their only win coming against the lowly Philadelphia 76ers. Utah is now tied with the Lakers and Kings for the worst record in the Western Conference. Woof.

What are the Jazz's biggest strength and weakness?

Utah's biggest strength is their youth. This is a team looking toward the future and is willing to have a poor record this season in order to build for their future. Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and Enes Kanter are all 23 or younger. However, Favors and Kanter really haven't played well together and there is doubt that the team will retain both going forward.

As for their weaknesses? Well, the Jazz are mediocre to bad across the board. They don't shoot particularly well, they aren't good at rebounding, their ball movement isn't great, and they allow teams to put up a lot of shots against them.

What's the biggest matchup to watch?

The play of the centers, while not necessarily thrilling, will be important. The Jazz big men aren't great rebounders so the Mavs' centers should be able to clean the glass with easy. If they cannot, it will really speak to the poor state of the position in Dallas this season. At least Shawn Marion should be able to get a few boards.

What do the Mavs need to do to be successful against the Jazz?

They just need to show up and not be hungover from their disappointing loss to the Warriors on Tuesday. Utah isn't good and the Mavs' offense is still potent. This is a game Dallas must win and they have to play like it.