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Margaritas with Monta and the Matrix: a true story

Monta Ellis and Shawn Marion showed off their bartending skills at a Mavs event last night, and MMB was on the scene of this very important story

Last night, I attended a Mavericks fan event. The team does these every so often, as I'm sure a lot of teams do, and I think that is fantastic for the community and to allow the fans some creative access to the players. I am not in the habit of attending Mavericks fan events, because even though I'm a fan first, I get plenty of access to the players at games and such.

But this was the event:

Ummmm....yeah. I am going to this event.

Anyway, our friend Jason Gallagher over at Mavs Outsider had some great research for me ahead of this event, and this advice:

So I went into this event not only to get the nitty gritty on the collective bartending skills of the Matrix and the "Mississippi Missile" for all of you lovely folks, but now on a mission to get a "Montarita."

I'm not sure how often players do these types of appearances, but this was pretty awesome. The festivities started at 5:00 p.m., but the real action started at 6 when Marion and Ellis finally got behind the bar.

The MFFLs were definitely out in force and had crowded the bar well before I got there, but I can be scrappy when I want to be so I got some position. (Hey, I like my alcohol, what can I say? Not my first crowded bar.) Plus, I mean, come on. I really wanted that Montarita.

While I was fighting for Monta's attention to get my drink, I was taking in the scene. For those of you not on Twitter, some highlights:

Seriously. People REALLY like those t-shirts. Once people realized there were t-shirts, man. I am pretty sure someone screamed "CAN I HAVE A T-SHIRT" more than "CAN I GET A BEER." In fact, I can definitely still hear "T-SHIRT OMG" echoing in my ear. Yup.

Back to bartending. Here is Monta being coached by a real bartender. Note the glass shimmy!

Anyway. I was on a mission, remember. It took a lot of effort (probably because I looked familiar/stalkerish since I am in the locker room most games) but I did it.

The lesson here, as always, is no matter what happens this season, the Mavs are the most fun team in the NBA and should get three days off in a row more often so that things like this can be a regular part of our lives.