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Game Day Poll: Pick Your Poison

It's been a long time since Dallas faced off against the Thunder

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA schedule can be strange at times. After playing the Thunder for their fifth game of the regular season way back in November, this March 16th game will be the first time the two teams have matched up. It's been a hectic season for the Thunder: as they've garnered one of the best records in the West, they've also dealt with injuries to two of their starters in Russell Westbrook and Thabo Sefolosha. During this time, Kevin Durant has staked his claim as a clear alternative to Lebron James for the MVP race.

With Westbrook back and the addition of Caron Butler to their line up, the Thunder have been inconsistent at best, and now may be one of the best chances since the 2011 Western Conference Finals for the Mavericks to beat the Thunder. It would only be the second time, as Dallas has gone 1-15 versus the Thunder, including both pre and post season.

All that being said, which Thunder superstar concerns you more: Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook? Durant is, as mentioned, a MVP candidate. But the force of nature that is Westbrook always terrifies me. Devin Harris may be the only guard on the Maverick roster capable of even annoying Westbrook on defense as we all know Calderon and Monta Ellis are not what you'd call lock down defenders. Let us know by taking the poll and sharing your comments below!