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Poll: Shane Larkin or Kelly Olynyk?

The Mavericks originally drafted Kelly Olynyk in 2013 but traded his rights to Boston, eventually ending up with Shane Larkin. Did Dallas make the right choice?

Mike Stobe

Shane Larkin wasn't actually drafted by the Mavericks. He was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks, originally. However, Dallas acquired his rights in a series of trades that moved them down in the draft order. (No, I don't understand the Mavs' thinking on draft day ether.) Initially, Dallas selected Kelly Olynyk, a Canadian big man from Gonzaga.

Larkin is now a fan favorite in Dallas but rarely sees meaningful minutes and has recently been bouncing between the D-League and the NBA. Olynyk earned a rotation spot as a backup center in Boston after being a standout in the Summer League.

It's too early to predict how their careers will develop and they play disparate positions, so comparisons are to be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, here are their Per 36 numbers:



Fair or not, these two players will forever be linked. Did the Mavs make the right choice in trading down for Larkin? Should they have kept Olynyk? What do you think?