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QUOTEBOARD: Dallas Mavericks slide past Boston Celtics, 94-89

It wasn't pretty and nobody is awarding them style points, but the players made it clear that a win is a win.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On the impact the reserves made

Our bench was big for us. We had a lot of guys chip in and help, which was good. The big play at the end (block by Vince Carter) was big because they're right there -- it's a one-possession game. But hey, It's a good win. The biggest problem we were having out there was rebounding. They had 21 offensive rebounds, which is an astronomical number. It's too many, obviously. They charge after it pretty aggressively, and we didn't do a good job there, but we survived it. We didn't shoot it great, but overall, you know, we did enough to win. We won three of the four quarters. We had a dry third quarter, but they didn't score all that well themselves that quarter either. Pretty typical, both teams playing back-to-back type game.

On what set him off on the last timeout

A difference of opinion on a call that was made.

On the play of Devin Harris

The loose ball play that Harris made was the play of the game. It was just a phenomenal play going down after the ball and then in one motion swiping it up and throwing it ahead to Nowitzki. He finished it off and the crowd's into it. They just kept coming back at us. They've got some young, aggressive guys. They're hungry and they were hitting shots. It was tough sailing defensively in the second half, but we survived.

On the play of Monta Ellis

Monta had timely playmaking, timely shot making. The three in the left corner was probably the biggest basket of the game because they were in the midst of a big run. That kept them at bay somewhat, and he made big free throws down at the end. He took three charges, I think. That's doing a lot. He was tired tonight because he's still getting over whatever the illness is. He didn't feel well last night, but he's doing a little better today. It's tough playing two nights in a row when you're not feeling good.

On what Monta provides beyond scoring

He's an aggressive player, he's one of our best playmakers and he's become one of our premiere perimeter defenders. He got big rebounds tonight, and again, you know, taking three charges in one game -- that's a lot. When he's taking them, he's taking them against bigger guys. He's hitting the floor. He's a terrific competitor. He's an element of our team that we really can't replace what he does.

Dirk Nowitzki

On what to take away from the close game

We all know that after an emotion, tough win on the road, that sometimes it's hard to get up and make plays, especially against a team that doesn't have a great record. We wanted to get this win somehow, and it wasn't pretty, but we got to give them credit. We got to give them credit.

On Monta also taking on a closer's role in the fourth

Well, we run a lot of stuff through him, he's one of our go-to guys obviously. We run a lot of pick-and-rolls, and he makes plays for us off those screen and rolls. He's one of our closers and he embraces that role.

On that last breakaway

(smiling) I had to chase that one hard. I almost tore both of my hip flexors chasing that ball, but I'm glad I got to it. I was so slow that the guy behind me almost caught up. I had a headstart almost to halfcourt and he still almost caught up, but it was a big play from Devin. I thought Devin's been great defensively and Monta took two huge charges, which are winning plays.

Monta Ellis

On the team creating its own energy tonight

Yes, we did. We knew it was going to be a dog fight, but we stuck with it, made plays down the stretch when we needed, got defensive stops and got rebounds and came away with the win.

On whether the team got too comfortable up 15 points

No, I never thought that. [Boston] has been playing like this the whole season. They always play the whole 48 minutes so we knew they were going to come back and make a run, but we took their bunch and made plays down the stretch and came out with the win.

On Vince Carter's huge blocked shot

It was big and they got two offensive rebounds and then he blocked the shot and we came up with the ball and 'Trix and knocked down two free throws to seal the game.