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Poll: Who has the better coiffure?

Things could get "hairy" for the Mavs tonight.

The Dallas Mavericks have yet to beat the Denver Nuggets this season. Their losses have been gut-wrenching as the Mavs ceded a total of 327 points to the Nuggets. Denver makes Dallas look tired and slow. They show just how old this team really is. It's embarrassing.

Since the Mavs can't compete on the court, they have to find other ways to best the Nuggets. This is where this poll comes in.

Jae "The Beast" Crowder is known for several things and all of them are positive because they are, dammit! His most notable feature may be his dreadlocks, though.

Denver's Kenneth "Manimal" Faried also has some formidable dreads.

You can see where this is going...