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The Predictions: The Mavericks may have a shot against some tough teams

A tough, tough week. Let's get nutty.

Last week the predictions were 2-2, which is respectable. But, the two I got wrong...hoo, boy.

It's not just that the Mavericks are making me look like an absolute fool lately. I could live with that. I have a rich interior life and the satisfaction of predictions relatively poorly done. What's more of concern to your humble prognosticator is that the Mavs are winning the games I'm most sure they're going to lose. I believe that my summations for the last OKC and Denver games were something like "nope" and "HAHAHA". Two 15 pointish wins later, one could think that maybe...just maybe...

The teams are aware of the power of my predictions, and are conspiring to erode my standing in your eyes before I grow too powerful.

Whichever. Two nasty, stinging losses last week, but things are never as simple as they feel in the aftermath of a close one. The Mavs are still good and there are plenty of other teams just as good.

Speaking of stinging, no truth to the rumor that when Plumlee hit Jose last night he shouted "I'LL SMACK YOU IN THE MOUTH, I'M NEIL DIAMOND."

Games this Week: vs. OKC (Tuesday, March 25), vs. LAC (Thursday, March 27), vs. SAC (Saturday, March 29)

Prognosis: ...uhhh....

General thoughts

As the enormous homestand continues, we need to take a minute to just appreciate how good the Mavericks are. Yes, they may end up the eighth or even ninth team in the West this year, but that doesn't change the fact that they'll be a top 10 or 11 team in the NBA. Which is an absurd fact, but so is the fact that you're adopted.

Since the beginning of February, the Mavs are 15-7. They're 14 games over .500. Did you figure that would happen when the Mavs' big offseason additions were Monta, Calderon and Dalembert? It's happening. It's real. And your parents are actually Batman, which is cool.

Still though, this is a tough week. Humanely paced and at home, but still two of the teams that have to be considered among the top five title contenders out there and a bad Kings squad still capable of giving the Mavs trouble, since they don't have an answer for either Isiah Thomas or DeMarcus Cousins. How many of these they need depends on how many the other guys get. But it doesn't get too much easier from here on out. Eight games left after this week, and they'll see GSW, LAC, SAS, PHX and MEM around another SAC game, a UTA game and a LAL game. So...

I'm just kidding, your parents are The Riddler.

Specific thoughts

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Mavs have earned me not dismissing this one as a loss out of hand. But unless you think the last game was really a sign of which team is better, the Thunder are still heavily favored here. Westbrook is apparently going to skip either the Denver or Dallas game, and one would imagine it would be Denver, since Dallas is both better and more on OKC's radar, but regardless the Thunder got a whole lot of wins without Westy this season. I'd love to say I thought that last game meant something, but I'd love to say our fling a few years ago meant something. I can't really pick against the Thunder here. And I can't tell you what you want to hear, Sharon.

Los Angeles Clippers

Well.....okay, let's go for this as the wildcard here, huh? For whatever reason, the Mavs match up pretty well with the Clippers. It doesn't make any sense--with their great PG play and monstrous rebounding capability, they should get basically a zillion good shots against the Mavs--but it's true. They're 0-2 against the Clips this season, but the games have been close, 119-112 and 129-127. Last year, the Mavs' best win of the season was against them. At the very least, the Clips don't seem to be season sweep better than the Mavs, and there will be a couple games in the very near future to prove that. So, why the hell not.

Sacramento Kings

I say the Mavericks take care of business here, though as usual, not without making it interesting. They win by two because a Boogie three rims out, or something. I'm not a scientist, just a prophet.

* * *

Predictions: 2-1, wins against Clippers and Kings.