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Please join us for MMB announces the Mavs!

Join our live play-by-play chat on Tuesday for the Thunder game.

Tonight, we'll be hosting another live play-by-play of a game through Fandio -- this time on TNT's broadcast of Mavericks-Thunder. Since it's nationally televised, we're hoping everybody's broadcast will be relatively synced up, unlike last time out.

The broadcast featuring andytobo and hopefully several other guests. The play-by-play features a live chat and the opportunity to participate in the live discussion with our writers -- we're thinking it might work out as a mini-GDT, if you will. If one of you fine fellows want to say a few words in discussion, we may even be able to invite you into the broadcast.

You can find the link below. The room will be open at 6:30 p.m. CDT and we'll get started talking around 6:45 or 7. Hope you can join!

No link yet, but we'll update this post when it's ready to go, as well as posting a link in the GDT and tweeting it out from @mavsmoneyball.