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QUOTEBOARD: Mavericks follow the script, fall to the Clippers late

Dirk said the Mavericks think they should have beaten LA three times now, but another poor fourth quarter leads to the third loss of the season against the Clippers (with one to play).

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On what happened to the offense in the fourth

We had some turnovers and we missed some shots.

On why the Mavs can't seem to close games against the Clippers

We just haven't done a good job, it's as simple as that. We have another shot at them next week so we have to aim at that. But we have games in the meantime and they are all important, so we just have to shake this off and get ready for the next one.

On the ball movement in the fourth

We were trying to find a hot hand at the end and it was just a struggle. It was a struggle to get the ball into the basket. Monta had it a couple of times, Dirk had it a couple of times, Vince had it once, Jose had it once and we had some uncharacteristically off shots. A couple of them were just unusually bad misses but at the end of he NBA games it's going to be harder to get good shots if you're not stopping the other team. when it came down to it, we just didn't get enough stops.

On the team's frame of mind after the loss

We have to shake it off. I didn't do an analysis just now but I think our guys are disappointed. They fought hard. We made mistakes, and mistakes are very costly. 18 turnovers in a game like this for 24 points is too many, so decision making has got to be better. It's basically, the next game becomes the most important game of the year. That's just how it is going to be, every one down the stretch.

Dirk Nowitzki

On the loss

Every time down the stretch, they're finishing and we're not. They're getting stops and getting big baskets on the other side. For some reason, we felt like we should have had all three of them and got none of them, so we're very disappointed. All these three loses of this homestand have been heartbreakers, so it's tough. But we'll swallow it and try to be better and get a win.

On the play in the final minutes

I dunno, just couldn't close. I think we had some shots. I had a couple stepbacks that I got to make, had a 3-ball that I thought was actually good, it rolled in and out.

Devin Harris

On late game execution

We took some shots with a minute, a minute and a half to go. We couldn't get anything to fall and defensively, we had some lapses where we gave up some layups at the basket. We just have to do a better job of executing.

On the tempers flaring up

I don't think it had a big impact. The last time we played them had more of an impact. We played through some of the antics tonight. I thought we did a good job of just continuing to play basketball. We just didn't make enough palys to win the game late.

Jae Crowder

On the biggest reason behind the loss

We didn't get stops in the clutch. Going into the fourth quarter, we didn't score the ball when the chance was given to us in the clutch so we came out on the bad end of it tonight.

On the technicals

I guess you can say that now after a loss, but it definitely gave us some momentum going into it and a little fight.

Chris Paul

On his play

I came to the arena early today. Me, Willie and Reggie and just shot a little bit to see the ball go through. I've always loved playing here in Dallas to tell you the truth. I saw couple go through early and had a nice rhythm.

On the emotion

We need to start playing like that more often to tell you the truth. We knew it was going to be a playoff type game going into the game. we saw that Oklahoma City game the other night and they're not just fighitng for their playoff lives, we're trying to gear up for the playoffs too.

On Blake Griffin's play

Blake was the MVP of the game tonight. The defense that he played on Dirk was unbelievable. When we needed a bucket we were in a timeout and told BG get us a bucket and he did.