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Gal Mekel to the Legends for rehab assignment

The recovered guard will get his sea legs under him in Frisco.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Birthday Gal Mekel! For your 26th, you get to play basketball again and you're getting sent to the Texas Legends in Frisco as you continue your rehab!

This news was broken this morning by a number of outlets:

Does this matter? Probably not. Mekel was firmly on the outisde of the rotation before tearing his meniscus in his right knee. It's nice to see him healthy,, though, because as the march towards the playoffs continue, it's important that every able body is ready to play. With Mekel out, the Mavs have been forced to play some of their older guards during garbage time

Expect Mekel to have a week or less stint in Frisco, probably to the point where he shuttles back and forth from game to game.