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The Aftermath of Mavericks 103, Trail Blazers 98: OH MY DEVIN ♥

Despite building then blowing a 30-point lead, the Mavericks came through in the final act, and that turned out to be the only one that mattered. Devin Harris' awkward banked runner, and one, turned out to be the play of the night.

The aftermath

  • The building of the 30-point lead made me more giddy than I've been at any game all season. But in the back of my mind, I knew they wouldn't hold the lead. It just wasn't the Mavericks thing to do.
  • But after the collapse, the Mavericks did something else that was positively not the "Mavericks" thing to do -- hung in, returned volley and initiated a comeback against a team that had put up 127 points in a blowout win on the same court just a month and a half earlier.
  • The Mavericks now have four signature wins, and two of them are against Portland. The list includes Monta Ellis's game winner against the Blazers, the MontaDirk-led comeback against Houston and beating Indiana at their own game right before the All-Star Break.
  • I thought Thomas Robinson might have been the reason that Mavericks comeback even happened, though. After fouling Monta Ellis on a drive, he immediately picked up a technical. A seven-point Blazers lead turned into four, and then after a trip to the line for Dirk, two. Momentum shifted. The Mavs held on. Just a huge shift.

Socially acceptable

If you like gifs...

Too much Devin.


A 37-year-old doing things that most 27-year-old's can't.


Terry Stotts thought he saw a flop. Can you tell?


(not mine, via @DaneCarbaugh)

I thought this was a pass until Brandan Wright came out of nowhere


WHOA THERE WES MATTHEWS. I think Dirk has that shot trademarked. You might get sued.


Some light reading

Haiku and goodbye

Might have been a charge.

But Devin, you're cool again

And your dope sportscoats