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Dirk Nowitzki gives Conan O'Brien the Texas Citizenship Test

Conan O'Brien is filming in Dallas this week and Dirk Nowitzki dropped by to quiz him on a range of Texas topics.

For those of you who don't know, late night talk show host Conan O'Brien is filming his show in Dallas this week. He's here because North Texas is hosting the NCAA Final Four this weekend. Conan taped his first episode on Monday and on it he was boasting about knowing a great deal about Texas even after being here for just a few days. To test him on his knowledge of the state, "true Texan" Dirk Nowitzki was brought in. Dirk quizzed Conan on a wide range of topics and Conan held his own. Not many people know that the state bird is beef. One of the highlights of the segment is an image of Walker, Texas Ranger kicking Tony Parker in the face. I need to make it the wallpaper on my computer. Anyway, check out the video above, it's pretty great.