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Poll: Who do you want the Mavs to play in the playoffs?

Nothing is guaranteed but the Mavs look like they'll squeak into the playoffs. Who will they play, though?

Ronald Martinez

If the playoffs started today, the Mavericks would be the seventh seed in the West and square off against the Thunder in the first round. Of course, anything can happen in the seeding from now until the end of the season with Tuesday's game against the Warriors being just one example. What is likely, though, is that the Mavs will probably have one of the last three playoff spots in the West. The fifth seed isn't out of the question but let's just consider it a bridge too far at this point.

The top three seeds in the West are all but set in stone. Those spots are occupied by the Spurs, Thunder, and Clippers. This begs the question: who would you rather the Mavericks play?