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The Aftermath of Mavericks 101, Suns 98: We missed you, playoffs

The Mavericks win; here's all the reactions you need.

The Aftermath

  • What a game. Dirk and Monta going off, the third quarter 3-point barrage, the 13-point comeback. It all came together for a game that I will remember for a long time. Props to the AAC for being full and bringing life throughout the game.
  • MontaDirk tied the Suns in the second half -- each scored 44 points.
  • Of course, the story of this game might be completely changed if Goran Dragic hadn't been suffering from ankle problems. He labored for 13 points on 33 percent shooting and really never made a mark on the game, not like he's shown the ability to do all season.
  • The Suns had 18 turnovers and 14 assists.
  • If the Suns beat the Grizzlies on Monday, the Mavericks can rest their starters and take it easy on Wednesday. I want that mmkay? Also, for a good month now, I've been rooting for an Oklahoma City first round match-up. I don't think it matters either way but that one will at least be more fun than the San Antonio death machine.

Socially Acceptable

If you like .gif

I'm usually pretty straight-faced in the press box. But as Dirk dribbled up, I remember saying "he should pull up," and he did. And I literally just laughed for 30 seconds straight.


To take the lead.


First shot looked like the Dirk of old. We've seen that move a time or two.


He quick.


To enter halftime.


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