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How do you watch Mavs playoff games?

Each of us watches sports a little differently. Some of us are quiet and stew in our emotions. Others yell and scream and AARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH. The Mavs being back in the playoffs will bring out a wide range of behavior. What do you do?

Ronald Martinez

The Mavericks are headed back to the playoffs! Woooooo! PLAYOFFS! It wasn't an easy path but Jae Crowder dragged this team back in his second NBA season and we couldn't be happier. You know what we'll be doing during the games. We'll be covering all the action and analyzing everything until we can analyze no more. We will have every angle covered. It will be exhausting work. (Tweeting is hard, y'all.)

Before we sacrificed our sanity to cover the Mavs, we were like you. We watched the game at home or at a bar with friends. We over-reacted. We yelled. We cried. We threw things. We laid in the middle of the street after the 2007 playoffs hoping that a speeding car would end the pain we felt. Wait, you didn't do that? It was only me? Okay...moving on.

Obviously, we ran the gamut of emotions. Honestly, we still do.

This got me thinking: how do you, our lovely readers, watch Mavericks playoff basketball? While I can't know everything that you do when watching the playoffs, I've assembled a list of probable activities that you may engage in based on seconds of exhaustive thought and research.

If I missed anything, please tell us your traditions and favorite activities in the comments.