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The Aftermath of Mavericks 109, Spurs 108: Vince "Hall of Famer" Carter

The best basketball game I have ever witnessed with my own eyes.

The aftermath

  • As I've said time and time again, I'm relatively new to the NBA. I started following the Mavericks in 2008 and didn't attend my first game until 2012. So sure, take this with a grain of salt: that was the best NBA game I've ever seen in person, and maybe top five ever.
  • It's funny. In the third quarter, people were tweeting how frustrated they were with Vince. He hadn't played well in this series and he was rushing some of his shots. But I didn't like how people were bashing him -- this is who Vince is. Some games he takes more bad shots than others, and some games he makes more than others. But at least in that aspect, he's been consistent for a good two years now. His final shot totally changed the narrative so I'll abandon the thought of writing a full article on it, but I wanted to voice that much here.
  • One more underrated part of today: the Mavericks might not hang in the early portions of that game without Jose Calderon and his hot shooting. Props.
  • That's all for now. The Moneyball crew is already working on content to tide you over until Monday night. What a game. What a series. Glad you're along for the ride.

Socially acceptable

Yes, this is our very own Doyle Rader getting a little excited.

If you like .gif


The second-best play Vince Carter made tonight. Look at that pass!


Let's not forget about this shot.


Just gorgeous.


I know it's a small sampling of gifs tonight. If you want to see something else, let me know in the comments or on twitter (@tim_cato).

Haiku and goodbye

Vince Carter lives on

Today, the buzzer beater

Our hearts, the future