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Video: Dirk's post-game press conference, Cuban and Marion talk about Sterling

Dirk Nowitzki spoke in the post-game press conference after the game about why he's not trying to be the hero like in the past.

(Manager's note: This is a special feature from one of our SB Nation friends who happened to be at the game. As usual, our quoteboard will be around a little later in the morning with the best of what was said after the game.)

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke before his team's Game 4 in its series with the San Antonio Spurs about Donald Sterling. He offered a balanced assessment of the options on the table for dealing with Sterling and some insight on the state of modern privacy.

Shawn Marion spoke about the situation and why his team wore black socks in solidarity with the Los Angeles ClippersDirk Nowitzki was disappointed in falling short to the Spurs, but still gives the Mavs a chance in what is now a three-game series.Dirk talked to CLNS about the Spurs stifling his drives and not trying to put the offense on his shoulders anymore.Tim Duncan didn't hang out long at the podium, but he stuck around long enough to talk about former teammate DeJuan Blair being ejected for kicking Tiago Splitter in the head.Shawn Marion is even more excited than Dirk, looking at this series as a three-game series.Even after a win, Gregg Popovich gets testy. After getting a wishful question from a reporter, Pop debated the accuracy of his question, with amusing results.Rick Carlisle was tired of talking about negatives and missed shots after the Mavs lost. He complimented his players for their effort and fight, but admitted their defense has been lacking the past two games.