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Dallas and Cents: Heading into Game 5

What's being said around the internet about our Dallas Mavericks

Ronald Martinez

Instead of talking about basketball stuff and getting worked up about a maddening (but fun) game four loss to the Spurs, most of the basketball world spent yesterday talking about Donald Sterling and the press conference NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had scheduled. We all know the results, so now it's time to get back to basketball talk:

  • Okay, maybe not quite time to get back to basketball. Hardwood Paroxysm's Curtis Harris (better known as @ProHoopsHistory) gives his thoughts on why Cuban was wrong on his thoughts about the possibility of an owner losing a team for his or her personal statements. He backs up his thoughts with rule of law (the Civil Rights act in particular) and makes a really compelling case for why the league HAD to act. It's a must read.
  • You knew this already, but DeJuan Blair was suspended. Sarge time? SARGE TIME!
  • Zach Lowe talks about the role of "Pretty good" guys in the NBA playoffs and discusses (near the end) how most of the Mavs rotation is made up of good but not great role players.
  • One Night Heroes in the Playoffs from Kevin Lincoln at Grantland. DeJuan Blair and Vince Carter play a role.
  • 48 Minutes of Hell's Andrew McNeill takes us though Manu's play this post season.

See Everyone tonight for the early tip off (Thank God) at 7:00 pm central!