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Recap: Mavericks survive Kings 93-91

Dallas didn't look great at really any point during a late-afternoon game against the Kings. Luckily, the Mavs held on to help tighten their playoff hold.

Mpu Dinani

This game was pretty much the season. Yes, there are two games with Memphis and Phoenix. But with Memphis currently getting pounded by San Antonio and Phoenix playing the Thunder, there was a massive opportunity for the Mavs to really strengthen their playoff chances.

So of course, it had to be the Kings. A Kings team that has been one of the NBA's worst for years, except when they play the Mavs. Because DeMarcus Cousins is pretty much the monument to all the Mavericks sins.

They also always usually have a bunch of springy, athletic guards.

So yeah, this followed the script of a typical Mavs, Kings game of the last few years. Dallas seemed to survive just because they're a little bit better at basketball things than the Kings. Sacramento would get close, but they couldn't finish because they just don't have a lot of great shooters to surround Cousins with.

And typical Mavs, the fourth quarter was heart-attack inducing. Somehow Shawn Marion was allowed to take free throws, he missed them, the Mavs missed another and luckily, since they're the Kings, Sacramento didn't really have a good final shot.

Dirk was awful at 5-of-17. Brandan Wright played six minutes. And yes, this was one of those Mavs games where Samuel Dalembert wasn't just needed, he was CRUCIAL.

Caldeorn and Ellis had some good games to help bail out the offense. Vince Carter made some shots. But boy, that wasn't really fun to watch.

Doesn't matter at this stage. And hey, there won't be any DeMarcus Cousins in the playoffs. Neat! Talk about how much you almost threw up watching this game in the comments below.